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0 ratings
1505 Muir, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 4T1, Canada
0 ratings
2405 Boul Thimens, St Laurent, Quebec H4R 1T4, Canada
Ludovic Legault St-Onge
Substitute Teacher • 0 Ratings
0 ratings
3600 Rue Beausejour, St Laurent, Quebec H4K 1W7, Canada
186 ratings
1775 Boul Decarie, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 3N5, Canada
Barbara Goetz
English • 13 Ratings
Most Recent Rating
mrs goetz talks too much all the...
- Jun 29, 2011
0 ratings
2080 Rue De Londres, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 3A6, Canada
Sophie Fournell
Administration • 0 Ratings
0 ratings
2000 Rue Decelles, St Laurent, Quebec H4M 1B3, Canada
0 ratings
1085 Rue Tasse, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 1P7, Canada
0 ratings
1615 Rue Tasse, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 1R1, Canada
0 ratings
2915 Rue Marcel, St Laurent, Quebec H4R 1B2, Canada
2 ratings
235 Rue Bleignier, St Laurent, Quebec H4N 1B1, Canada
Sarah Goulet
Grade 5 • 2 Ratings
Most Recent Rating
She is the best teacher in the...
- Apr 23, 2017

Ecole Jean Grou

High School
0 ratings
805 Rue Tasse, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 1N8, Canada

Ecole Jonathan

High School
0 ratings
705 Boul Decarie, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 3L3, Canada

Ecole Laurentide

High School
0 ratings
465 Rue Cardinal, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 3C5, Canada

Ecole Maimonide

High School
167 ratings
Campus Jacob Safra 1900 Rue Bourdon, St Laurent, Quebec H4M 2X7, Canada
Eliezer Weizman
Math • 15 Ratings
Most Recent Rating
there are no words to describe...
- Jul 16, 2013
58 ratings
760 Rue St Germain, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 3R5, Canada
Most Recent Rating
She is the best
- Feb 18, 2015

Ecole Peter Hall

High School
0 ratings
Campus Ouimet 1455 Rue Rochon, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 1W1, Canada

Ecole St Laurent

High School
489 ratings
Edifice Emile Legault 2395 Boul Thimens, St Laurent, Quebec H4R 1T4, Canada
Angelo Georgakatos
English • 31 Ratings
Most Recent Rating
ye correc avec nous
- Jan 29, 2017
101 ratings
5935 Ch De La Cote De Liesse, St Laurent, Quebec H4T 1C3, Canada
Jim Beddard
Math • 11 Ratings
Most Recent Rating
If you are looking for a relaxed...
- Jan 28, 2017

Education Plus

High School
0 ratings
1275 Rue Hodge, St Laurent, Quebec H4N 2B1, Canada
290 ratings
700 Brunet, St Laurent, Quebec H4M 1Y2, Canada
Paul Yaxley
Computer Science • 24 Ratings
Most Recent Rating
The best computer teacher I ever...
- Jul 07, 2016
495 ratings
St Laurent, Quebec, Canada
S. Lisogurski
Math • 31 Ratings
Most Recent Rating
The course is hard, but he's great.
- Aug 10, 2010
2,508 ratings
2505 Cote Vertu, St Laurent, Quebec H4R 1P3, Canada
T. Dafniotis
Social Studies/History • 77 Ratings
Most Recent Rating
Incredible gym teacher and even...
- Apr 12, 2016

Parkdale School

High School
121 ratings
1475 Deguire St, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 1M4, Canada
Tsoupanarias Mary
Grade 5 • 21 Ratings
Most Recent Rating
Wow, can't believe it's already...
- May 29, 2017

Summit School

High School
0 ratings
1750 Rue Deguire, St Laurent, Quebec H4L 1M7, Canada