Mind High School

Average 4.0 based on 49 teacher ratings
Mind High School is a public high school located in Montreal, Quebec and part of ENGLISH MONTREAL SCHOOL BOARD. The average teacher rating at Mind High School is 4.0 stars based on 49 ratings.
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Wonderful man!! I loved his clarses! A passionate man that knew his information and loved history! Glad to see he is...
20 ratings
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What can I say about Sherine Boctor. One of the most inspirational and gifted teachers I have had the experience of...
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Patrice is loud, irrational, lashes out at students, very funny and will talk for hours about is hatred for love and...
4 ratings
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Shes a super nice person who wants you to do well and just a great teacher and person in general!!

Billy Druker

Department Math
6 ratings
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Billy was an awesome teacher. Best math tests ever. Even if I failed half of them, I still learned a lot.
2 ratings
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Maxene is great if you're a natural at the class she's teaching, if you're a slow learning her class is very...
5 ratings
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hes a good teacher but hes not clear when he kicks you out of class!

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