City View Alternative Senior School

Average 4.17 based on 86 teacher ratings
City View Alternative Senior School is a public high school located in Toronto, Ontario and part of TORONTO DISTRICT PUBLIC BOARD. The average teacher rating at City View Alternative Senior School is 4.17 stars based on 86 ratings.
38 SHIRLEY ST - FLOOR 3 Toronto ON M6K 1S9
29 ratings
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Antonino was only my teacher for a short period of time but he taught me so much, I bawled my eyes out when I found...
2 ratings
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Shawna is so patient with us, in classes where we are being impossibly difficult she still doesn't lose her cool. All...
21 ratings
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Anne rocks! She is such a nice person! i love her little stories and puppets. Ha Bloody Ha.
17 ratings
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i learnd so mush from u and u really helped me out when i couldn't help myself u r an amazing tech and i hope u like...
3 ratings
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Christine is nice.
5 ratings
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David is a good teacher.
1 rating
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i had a good year with sue and i'm sad that she left. we did some fun stuff in history and music -geo was ok too
1 rating
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She's the sweetest person ever!!!!!I love her so much!! and she's vuks mom YAY lol She's just always so nice and helpful

Hen Shi

Department Religion
7 ratings
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YEA HEN you rock i mean whatever you teach i forgot but is cool

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