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Westisle Composite High School

Based on 40 Teachers and 85 Ratings
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Showing 40 Teachers from Westisle Composite High School

Dana Gard

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Want to get to YouTube and bypass net filter? Download Tor Browser onto a USB - voila!" view more »

Lisa Paugh

3 ratings
Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Mrs paugh needs to stop talking about her children in class's and husband so much in class and..." view more »

James Mc Kenna

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "atta boi makenna" view more »

Peter Bolo

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Want to get to YouTube and bypass net filter? Download Tor Browser onto a USB - voila!" view more »

John Toner

5 ratings
Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Toner is annoying as frig and needs longer shorts in class.. Not a pretty sight " view more »

Nancy Getson

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Awesome teacher! If you want a good mark in chem, go with her" view more »

Roberta Munn

Department: Resource
Recent Rating: "she was the wackiest person at westisle.even more than any student....SHe's GReat though" view more »

Sharon Mac Donald

Department: History
Recent Rating: "She is the greatest english teacher to grace westisle. No joke.Best. English. Teacher. Ever." view more »

Dwayne Gilks

Department: Not Specified

Charchuk George

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "George was always helpful and always available for questioning. A better computer teacher than..." view more »

Karen Milligan

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She is an awesome teacher...i know i never had her but she is still cool cause im around her..." view more »

Kara Sabean

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "best math teacher ever." view more »

Garth Waters

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Awesome teacher. He's so friendly." view more »

Francis Bolger

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "even through he passed away this spring he will always be the best teacher westisle have ever seen" view more »

Charles Murphy

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "as a parent i think charles murphy is great principal and we are lucky to have him" view more »

Lynn Thompson

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "best teacher ever in the world she never gets cranky and she is really nice!!!" view more »

Heidi Morgan

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Excellent Teacher! wouldn't trade her for anything" view more »

Brian Gard

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Pre cool Guy must say" view more »

Thomas Murphy

Department: Auto Tech
Recent Rating: "wooo tuff guy tom is the best auto teacher ever!" view more »

Irwin Campbell

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "very nice man was a pleasure to have as a teacher" view more »

Rick Peters

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Play mind games with students. Even though he needs to be in control of every situation, he has..." view more »

Alan Mc Alduff

Department: Computer Science
Recent Rating: "doesnt answer questions i personaly think he isnt a great teacher" view more »

Scott Wicksted

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Awesome teacher, easy to talk to, I'll miss that class-L.. Lots of notes but very helpful and..." view more »

Edwin Hughes

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "great teacher, i enjoyed my couple years having him for math at westisle nice guy, and i wonce..." view more »

Trevor Wood

Department: English
Recent Rating: "He was a caring teacher and was always concerned for his students. One of my favorites." view more »

Andrew Mac Dougald

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "Usually pretty good at math. Well, NOT THIS YEAR. He can't teach and is really unclear. He makes..." view more »

Kathie Rogers

Department: Law
Recent Rating: "One of the most ignorant teachers I have ever had. Totally different person inside the classroom..." view more »

Charmaine Melanson Gavin

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "i have had 2 children that have gone thru charmaines class and they both loved her.. keep up the..." view more »

Ed Mc Intre

Department: Photography

Kim Williams

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "always late for class" view more »

Jennifer Lopez

Department: Nursing

Jennifer Murray

Department: Math

Diane Handrahan

Department: Math

Randy Harper

Department: Physics