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Kingsview Village Junior School

Based on 8 Teachers and 12 Ratings
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Barbara Glenday

Department: Grade 4
Recent Rating: "She is SUPER AWESOME!She might look mean but deep inside shes really nice.Its really sad now 2011..." view more »

Carol Porter

Department: Grade K
Recent Rating: "she is the best" view more »

Stephanie Corning

Department: Grade K
Recent Rating: "She was a good teacher. Fun, I guess." view more »

Diane Mangan

Department: Grade 3
Recent Rating: "She was nice. Raised her voice sometimes." view more »

Jennifer Penfound

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She was fine." view more »

Mary Schulze

Department: Grade 5
Recent Rating: "Pretty funny. Gym was always fun." view more »

Barbara Gilmour

Department: Grade 4
Recent Rating: "SHE IS THE WORST TEACHER THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE she shoud retire shes old and i hate ur..." view more »

Aliya Mohamed

Department: Grade 4