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Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

Based on 177 Teachers and 2,087 Ratings
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Nada Tijanic

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She was an awesome teacher, you won't like her at first but then she starts showing you star trek..." view more »

S. Campo

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "She's okay. If you get on her good side, you'll have no problems in her courses." view more »

T. Cascioli

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "Can be rude, but overall okay. BE ON HER GOOD SIDE!!!" view more »

Bill Hay

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "hes a really cool guy he can play quite a few instruments. his class is really fun, but most of..." view more »


3 ratings
Department: Media
Recent Rating: "Horrible teacher I failed her class, she is a complete "femanist" her work makes no sense. She..." view more »

Vivek Bhatt

Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "He's not even a real teacher!" view more »

Syed Kamran

Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "Wonderful when a teacher doesn't know how to do their job, Mr. Kamran steps in and actually..." view more »

Deven Ferguson

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Had him for Grade 10 science. He is a pretty good teacher to me. But his power points are..." view more »


Department: English
Recent Rating: "he is soooooooo cool" view more »

Wendy Belcher

Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "pure evil." view more »

Kapasi Khandwala

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She's a really good teacher, when it comes to teaching. She makes sure she explains everything..." view more »

A. Ritchie

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Had him for Geo and I got to say he deserves to have a rating in the 4s. He's really easy and..." view more »

G. Secko

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "good guy" view more »

G. Bedford

Department: Vice Principal
Recent Rating: "bedfords a goof kicked me out of graydon" view more »


Department: Business
Recent Rating: "Ms. Q is a great teacher, although she does have a monotone voice, if you learn to listen to her,..." view more »

Marina Petrychkovych

1 rating
Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She may be incredibly smart and have 2 degrees (which she repeats multiple times), but that does..." view more »

Nancy Lucas

Department: French
Recent Rating: "you do not know french at all. your speaking is vague, your teaching is horrendous, and you truly..." view more »

J. Volpe

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "No way.." view more »

M. Mackay

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "shes really nice and inspiring and cared a lot for her students. she was a little annoying at..." view more »

J. Searles

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "such an awesome teacher. fair and gave me good marks. plus i loved peaking at her nice bum in..." view more »

T. Gershater

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "omg first day of school 19 pages of review due in 4 days! i agree needs to make sure people know..." view more »

Scott Gould

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "I LOVE THIS TEACHER! He is super friendly, helpful, and...he is just awesome! Enough said. " view more »

Ved Petkar

Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "not a nice person" view more »

Linda Larose

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "She is a very helpful and informative teacher who cares about the well being of her students. ..." view more »

K. Somerset

Department: Science/English
Recent Rating: "ms somerset is mean she doesn't help at all and when she does she yells" view more »

Barbara Allan

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "She is incredible, loveable, love kids and is kind." view more »

D. Cooper

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "mr. coop is a really helpful teacher who gives his student the time of day. I'm happy that hes my..." view more »

Victoria Vanschepen

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Useless as a teacher" view more »

T Weber

Department: Science

Gaganpal Danju

Department: Grade K
Recent Rating: "I'm gonna miss this guy soon ! Only 2 months left seeing him . Soon , Graydon will be thugless..." view more »

Jae Hyun Park

Department: Law
Recent Rating: "This my boy Jae" view more »

Shubhang Mall

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "hes an okay teacher, i remember having music with him and it was one of the" view more »

Gilbert Cheng

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "fudu teacher.. but hes jokes still" view more »

L. Mc Bryan

Department: English
Recent Rating: "ugh for one, she picks FAVOURITES... this one time i tried to ask her a question during the..." view more »

Ted Shewchuk

Department: Visual Arts
Recent Rating: "Fun teacher, is respectful and treats everyone fairly. Good marks IF you do the work." view more »

Talha Awais

Department: Nursing
Recent Rating: "This Guy..................................... Does it all for M_____" view more »

George Reizgys

Department: Multiple Subjects
Recent Rating: "My grade 10 math class made HIM cry ( in 2007) . Mr. Reizgys-gys-gys, if you are reading this,..." view more »

J. Seeback

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "At first she was OK, and I thought the class was going to be fine... WELL I WAS WRONG!!! She gave..." view more »

Zeel Vora

Department: Grade 1
Recent Rating: "all i know about her is that theres a student named shubhang mall who wants to like marry her or..." view more »

Nancy Drew

Department: French
Recent Rating: "shes a nice person you could say but with my class there were more then 5 freak outs on her part..." view more »

Karen Wong

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "Coolest teacher ever! A little unclear as a teacher but her class was awesome" view more »


Department: Science
Recent Rating: "she is really nice, pretty chilled too kinda attractive as well!...and fun" view more »

Mandip Kaur

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "bro,she's a blast ! i love her off, she made buisness the best! she helped me so much ,cause i..." view more »

Janet Mc Millen

Department: Librarian
Recent Rating: "Fantastic librarian. Always willing to help you out if you make nice with her. Constantly waves..." view more »

Mr. Kidd

Department: Vice Principal
Recent Rating: "um .............hes nice but um..................................scary............. ...." view more »

Prince Sandhu

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "You are a very bad boy... shame on you..... stap it" view more »

N. Chew

Department: Vice Principal
Recent Rating: "not helpful and mean" view more »

T. Nicitopoulos

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "My daughter said he is annoying, boring and is arrogant" view more »