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College Francais Secondaire

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Arzani Shayaan

Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "HES THE BEST TEACHER..." view more »

Magatte Fall

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Good teacher. Ce gars est un genie. " view more »

Lacey Arseneault

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She's a very good teacher but man does she give alot of homework sometimes..." view more »

Francis Ubertelli

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Ubertelli is one of the most fascinating beings I know. I just hope he won't be leaving us... He..." view more »

Robert Chambers

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "HE WAS THE BEST!! MAKE SURE TO TAKE ALL OF HIS CLASSES! HE'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!" view more »

Kamilou Asa

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "NOT A 100 PERCENT FAIR TO ALL STUDENTS EQUALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " view more »

François Dicaire

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. We used to have science with Jules Kamchou and..." view more »

Charles Corradini

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Desperately tries to be popular and the results are mixed. Still knows his stuff though and to..." view more »

Francis Cronier Theriault

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Best science teacher ever!!! So sad he left, but his style of teaching was perfect for everyone,..." view more »

Nelsa Beites

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She's good. That'S about it." view more »

Heather Dupuis

Department: English
Recent Rating: "First of all, ms Dupuis u r amazing! The first time that i've meet u, i knew u would be a..." view more »

Dominique Périn

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "This is M. Perin's first year of teaching theory, but he treats us like an applique class...." view more »

Yassir Hicham

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "People like him, but only because he's really leniant. He doesn't Teach and has been the first..." view more »

Ronaldo Mc Schuller

Department: Drivers Education
Recent Rating: "coolest teacher ever" view more »

M. Daniel Carillon

Department: French
Recent Rating: "M.Wakengo really rocks our world man! I,ve heard about what his new students say about him and..." view more »

Leanna Vargas

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "WOW!SHE IS GREAT" view more »

Kaba Diakite

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He is an amazing teacher!" view more »

Esther Buzaglo

Department: Math

Susana Varela Guillot

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Can't speak french get out of this school!" view more »

Melanie Savard

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "The BEST SPANISH TEACHER I'VE EVER HAD! I miss her.Only had her for 1 year. When she left, I..." view more »

Hossam El Kalza

Department: Co Op
Recent Rating: "Don't be scared if he screams at you, he's actually the nicest teacher in the school. Pretty..." view more »

Ilunga Mbuyi

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Rest in peace to a great teacher. He knew how to teach unlike other teachers i have had in the past." view more »

Daniel Legault

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He sounds organized and encouraging. He and Dicaire should fuse and make one SUPER science..." view more »

Robert Drapeau

Department: French
Recent Rating: "drapeau is an awesome guy and an amazing teacher..he has an unreal amount of patience and is the..." view more »

Francois Chalifour

Recent Rating: "We love you" view more »

Eric Dupont

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Great teach but poor attitude towards students." view more »

Abdellah Saada

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "He's awesome!!!! wut makes him awesome is that he's not that strike so evryone is doing there own..." view more »

Mohamed Moustaqim

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I Miss him! He made me love math!" view more »

Veronique Gingras

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Nobody would really listen to her. She was kind of annnoying. An ok teacher. Like Savard a lot..." view more »

Bruce Bartlett

Department: English
Recent Rating: "luved him, he was awsome, really gave me the best university feel to a class" view more »

Ms. Dabby

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Shes a good teacher if you agree with her. She drills all her beliefs into you, but she wants you..." view more »

Collette Raj

Department: Languages/French
Recent Rating: "shes so funny but i know for a fact she is not a pedophile since she doesn't touch kids but she..." view more »

Mr. Ndounste

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "best ever" view more »

Ibrahim Hader

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "The worst princpal that MGRC ever got. He tried framing me and had no choice but to leave the..." view more »

Anne Marie Seguin

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "Doesn't like those who are not into arts, as if you're not worthy," view more »

Julien Olivieri

Department: Librarian
Recent Rating: "He is THE COOLEST TEACHER MAN EVER!!!! HE IS SMART FUNNY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" view more »

Lily Dabby

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She's a nice lady. She like plants. As a teacher she is difficult. She analysed things way to..." view more »

M Morvan

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "hes a good teacher who knwos what hes teaching, but he goes too fast and expects us to understand..." view more »

Daniel Gareau

Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "Absolutely the best teacher ever. It's too bad he transferred. " view more »

Colin Beatty

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "depending on ther person he can be good or bad but for me he was a good teacher and seeing as how..." view more »

Clément Wakengo

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "i am not very fond of him." view more »

Mme. Harfouche

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Misconception: she's strict and mean. That is completely false because she's very understanding..." view more »

Jacques Tourangeau

Department: Languages/Law
Recent Rating: "One of the most interesting teachers i've ever had. I actually listen in his class" view more »

Katerina Koncar

Department: English
Recent Rating: ""so know..what ever.. okay oh my you know?"" view more »

Mme. Raj

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "she talks to much when we ask her a question about our tests she talks the whole periode givin me..." view more »

Joanne Doyon

Department: Principal

Stephane Bodi

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "He is rude. He yelled at me, embarrassed me in front of the class for asking help with a question..." view more »

Joe Allalou

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Excellent Enseignant! Very Cool. Best strategies to understand Math and Computer Science." view more »

Jaqueline Jean Baptiste

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "JEAN-BABA WHAT WHAT. HATER'S GONNA HATE." view more »