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Beverly Acres

Based on 44 Teachers and 89 Ratings
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Taylor Bornamann

Department: Grade 5
Recent Rating: "i still miss her she is the best teacher" view more »


7 ratings
Department: Math
Recent Rating: "you will never have a better teacher" view more »

Dave Malo

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Awesome teacher, he thought me more then i have ever learned in only one grade 7 math class..." view more »

Rachel Kennedy

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "By far the best teacher I've had in my life. So inspirational and a genuinely nice & kind..." view more »

Jonathan Plender

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "This guy is quite the guy." view more »

Royan Lee

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I absolutely love being in mr.Lees class. His teaching strategies are superb, and he integrates..." view more »

Angela Nokes

Department: English
Recent Rating: "i liked mme nokes a lot because she was very nice and always let us have partiesssssssssss" view more »

Diana Eberlin

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "she scares me" view more »

Scott Green

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Rocks, funny man." view more »

Mr Otis

Department: Not Specified

Diana Stefanescu

Department: Grade 6
Recent Rating: "Mme Stefanescu is a teacher at BAPS. She is an okay teacher. She is sometimes strict and gives a..." view more »

Bille Silvestri

Department: Grade 6
Recent Rating: "Very nice best teacher ever" view more »

Arin Otis

Department: Vice Principal
Recent Rating: "Well, he is nice to some people. As a parent, I have to be honest, he only treats some parents..." view more »

Simone Kalfon

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She's okay. But she is very nice for taking her time for track n field and other stuff too." view more »

Chantel Levesque

Department: Grade 6
Recent Rating: "She's an okay- goodish teacher but she doesn't teach alot of stuff" view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She is my teacher.And i just /love/ her.(as a friend) Bonjour Mme!" view more »

Chantal Timms

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Ok as a teacher. Got to work on her narcissistic part, sometimes." view more »

Galina Tafipolskaya

Department: French
Recent Rating: "This teacher is very strict but it is good to have a strict teacher sometimes. She makes you..." view more »

Melissa Doucas

Department: Grade 6
Recent Rating: "She nice but she didin't teach us anything and then most of the students that were in her class..." view more »

Mamadou Ramde

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "My experience had been very unfortunate. The guy knows nothing of the subject he is hired to..." view more »

Monika Sobhani

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "she tlks behind ppls bcks not a good freind" view more »

Amanda Shifman

Department: French
Recent Rating: "no thanks " view more »

Mme Nitcheu

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "Too much homework" view more »

Sonia Khera

6 ratings
Department: Multiple Subjects
Recent Rating: "you can say that she was a person that did favortisme and she tells to many off task stories" view more »


Department: English
Recent Rating: "mr borsuk should really calm down." view more »

Jordan Appleberg

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "come back to woodbridge public school" view more »


Department: Grade 6
Recent Rating: "SHE NEEDS A RICKROLL. NOW." view more »

Ramon Andrade

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "He's the best principal" view more »

Natalie Raphos

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "THE WOOOOOOOOOOOORST TEACHER I'VE EVER HAD BEFORE. she doesn't help with anything. my marks when..." view more »

Christopher Burton

Department: English
Recent Rating: "thais teacher cannot teach! we do nothing in class, all we do is sit there and read for everr!!..." view more »

Mme. Weefer

Department: Principal

Michelle Topp

Department: Grade 4

Max Lee

Department: Not Specified

Mme Krug

Department: Not Specified

Pat My Heinie

Department: Grade 4