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Argyle Secondary

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Brenda Gilby

Department: Vice Principal


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "awesome teacher. super chill. doesnt care what you do all class. if you finish the first two..." view more »


Department: English
Recent Rating: "Peters is an awesome teacher, a great lecturer and amazing presenter. Very rational teaching and..." view more »


Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Math isn't my best subject because of language barrier. Mrs.bosco was very very supportive. &..." view more »

J Lawson

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I don't remember having the support that I need from her in english class. I felt intimidated by..." view more »

Bryan Lockless

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "Best teacher i've ever had!!!" view more »


Department: Math
Recent Rating: "good math teacher" view more »

Katherine Sigurdsson

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "This was 10 years ago when I was in her social studies class. I came as an ESL. She was great!..." view more »

Sean Soper

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Way to slack and really doesn't teach us much but a really nice guy." view more »


Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She is the best. ! ..." view more »


Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "Edgar is a great guy, teacher, and such a bro. He is also very good at what he does despite..." view more »


Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Mr Hockley was a really fun teacher. He taught me so much and made class a very enjoyable place..." view more »

Don Smith

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "The BEST teacher I ever had in my life! Mr. Smith taught Electronics balancing old school 'trial..." view more »

Shauna Glover

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I love having her, she is overall a great teacher and person, and really cares." view more »

Iren Braich

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "One of the best teachers I have ever had. She is funny, friendly, and always willing to help. She..." view more »

Scott Bennett

Recent Rating: "MR BENNETT IS THE BEST TEACHER EVER seriously he is amazing you will learn so so so so..." view more »

Bryan Taylor

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "easiest teacher ever. super nice dude. maybe a bit too easy on students - spoils them at times." view more »

Christy Blaker

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Awesome Mama Blaker! I have learned so much from you and I will remember to "never give up"." view more »

Gina Bell Larson

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Ms Bell is an amazing woman who is always there in a supportive and judgment-free way for anyone..." view more »


Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "Milord is like the best teacher I've ever had. Your grade won't be amazing, the tests are hard,..." view more »

Daylen Luchsinger

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Awesome teacher. Get to know the guy a little, and he makes things really fun." view more »


Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Royer has to be one of the most annoying teachers in the school. He literally made grade 8/10..." view more »

Sean Winter

Department: French
Recent Rating: "Really nice guy, and tries really hard, but his teaching doesn't stick :(" view more »

Scott Bentley

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "he's a super nice guy but doesnt teach much. he really knows what he's talking about though, and..." view more »

Roderick Greene

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Awesome guy! Sad he moved to Wisconsin. Really funny and encourages public speaking. " view more »


Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "He's awesome. Super nice and super fun. Go Mo!" view more »


Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "SUCH AN AMAZING TEACHER! Had her last year and miss her soooooooooo bad." view more »

Shawn White

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "I love Ms White! She loves her job and it shows, and although she can be a tad forgetful, it adds..." view more »

Mary Gray

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Ms. Gray was terrific at telling stories ( which I suppose is important when it comes to teaching..." view more »

Katherine Mulder

Department: English
Recent Rating: "BEST TEACHER I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! Love this lady so much. The only problem I had was she was such..." view more »

Janine Duprey

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "very nice and helpful! she is very understanding too!" view more »

Wayne Shaw

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Mr. Shaw is my favorite teacher. He's nice, friendly, easy to talk to, funny, and an amazing..." view more »

Jordan Peters

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Great guy, and a highly effective teacher. Personable, friendly, fair, and knowledgeable. Checks..." view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "He tries very hard to keep things interesting and the students appreciate that. I had him for..." view more »

Ted Mosby

Department: Architecture
Recent Rating: "Barney here... Ted listen I am sorry about the Ring Bear I brought at your wedding." view more »

A. Baumann

Department: Vice Principal
Recent Rating: "Great guy and VP. It would be great for Argyle if he was the Principal!" view more »

Danica Silver

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "she is by far the sweetest teacher you can get at Argyle hope she is there for next year" view more »

Mike Pruner

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "He may seem like a hard teacher in AP Calc but when you get to university you realize he was..." view more »

Rob Johnson

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "amazinga amazinga" view more »

Daniel Royer

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Work hard in his class and it'll be one of your best. Slack off... well he'll make you into the..." view more »

Elizabeth Bell

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "SHE is Amazing!! Both as a principal and as a person. She's encouraging, motivating, inspiring,..." view more »

Chloe Labelle

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "She told our english class when she was subbing to f off." view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She helps a lot and answers all your questions, yet she's mot afraid to laugh with you." view more »

Holly Purvis

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "the only way i learned anything...was by getting a tutor. she will not explain anything and will..." view more »

Paul Ruben

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Best Teacher Everrr!!!!! If your not in his classes.....get in them!!!!! And hes super hot" view more »

John Nakamoto

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "My favourite teacher- spent countless hours with me outside of school hours helping me get..." view more »


Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "great teacher, a little strict but enjoyed my year with her." view more »

Murray Bulger

Department: Computer Science
Recent Rating: "Supportive. Passionate about teaching. I have great learning experience in his class. And that is..." view more »

Frances Roberts

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "out-there personality. she can be nice, but is usually a bit whacked. Teaching style doesn't..." view more »